Trainwreck Games


We are a handsome group of developers, Pedro Cori, the creative director, Alexander Formoso, our producer, and Cong Liu, the resident code ninja. We’ve been gathered by fate in the UCSC Games and Playable Media masters program when the team formed to bring the concept of Ulama: Arena of The Gods to life. The inspiration for the game came from the stories about the Aztec and Mayan mythology that Pedro’s father related to him when he was a child, and that he still keeps today in an old illustrated book of stories.
The beautiful art in our game was created from inception to production by a talented group of art students from San Jose State University, including Sabrina Salazar, Evan Stanley, Mimi Nguyen, and Kevin Si. Last but not least, our music and sound effects were done by the talented Nate Palermo and Dmitry Akhchin.


Creative Director and Programmer

Producer, Development Director, and Programmer

Tech Lead and Programmer

Sabrina Salazar

Art Lead

Evan Stanley

Vis Dev and Animation

Mimi Nguyen

Vis Dev and Environment Art

Kevin Si

Environment and Effects Art

Music and Sound


Visual Art

We've also had help from a lot of other artists from SJSU as well as music schools and from other countries!
  • Colleen Peck
  • Josiah Columna
  • Edward Clark

Music & Sound

  • Dmitry Akhchin
  • Francisco Hraste
  • Alan Casanova​


A great and special thanks to all the other people who have helped and supported us in this process, especially our program professors Michael John and Erin Robinson-Swink.